About Us

AESOP Enterprises, Inc. Educational Products Division was established on the principle of the sanctity and the unfolding of the human personality. We believe that the Life Force or Creative Intention is purposeful to the fullness and the development of the human personality. We also hold that knowing one’s history is indispensable in developing high character.

Therefore, we have carefully selected and written stories of our Heroes and Sheroes who have found, within themselves, the correct responses to the human dilemma. Their responses are written in such a manner that the reader will see that certain character traits – faith, hope, persistence, tenacity, purpose and commitment –are universal traits which may be born in any man or woman regardless of skin color or nationality.

These stories are written in such an inspirational and motivational way that youngsters or senior citizens will be able to enjoy and benefit from them, for character knows no ages but attracts to it all ages.

In each of these stories, the reader will see a subtitle in addition to the historical person’s name. The subtitle is a theme that runs throughout the biography. It is our attempt to reinforce certain noble attributes of the person’s character. Some of these deal with such topics as: the need for literacy, the need to stay away from drugs, and the sanctity of personality, persistence and faith.

Our books represent the most advanced, revolutionary format in children’s books, for there are three stories within one book. Each story is unique and compelling, broadening children’s knowledge about history, the world, and, most importantly, themselves.

Our first story is called the Script. It was designed with the purpose of stimulating the curiosity of children by listening to an audio CD while reading along in the book. Each script is done in the first person by an actor or actress with a musical background. The purpose of this dramatization is to tell the story of the person’s life in such a moving manner that it keeps the student’s attention, and also creates a thirst in the student to want to go and read more about this person.

Our second story is called the “More About” section. This area is comprised of more in-depth, historical information on the character or about the life and times in which they lived. Generally, this section is about a particular aspect of the historical person’s life which we felt was significant in the overall understanding of the person.

Our third story is a motivational story. It is a series of positive and motivational quotes by various authors which have been connected in such a way as to comprise a story. It is our sincere belief that our children today need more than they ever have before. They need nurturing, reassurance, inspiration and motivation. Therefore, on the back of the story pages, in a very unconventional but fun way, is a motivational story that unfolds throughout each book.

In the spirit of the great fabulist, Aesop, we wish to communicate the moral in his story of the Hare and Tortoise which is, the winner in life does not necessarily go to the strong or the swift, but to the steady development of character. Any child can be our next Hero or Shero is the true intent we wish to communicate. We agree with what the ancient Egyptians etched on their temple wall—“man know theyself,” which simply means that you are your destiny, and as you will it, so it will be.

Reed S. Armstead


“This book and CD is a wonderful tool for multicultural education. It provides clear, concise, information in an inspirational format. I believe that it will help children with reading difficulties to realize that information may be gained from listening as well as reading. The message of the hero will also encourage students to look beyond perceived limitations to achieve success.”

Carolyn Phillips, Ed.D., School Psychologist, Denver, Colorado

“The books and tapes have been an excellent alternative resource for motivating reluctant readers. They have also been very inspirational in building self-esteem. They are probably the most effective way of providing multicultural history through biography.”

Carolyn Stovall, Resource Teacher in Indianapolis Public Schools